Top 6 Augmented Reality SDKs for Mobile Apps

Top 6 Augmented Reality SDKs for Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality SDKs – The application known as augmented reality (AR) helps create computer-generated objects so that users can virtually experience a mixed perspective. The majority of augmented reality technology places digital images or audio in the user’s actual environment.

The usage of augmented reality tools has transformed every industry, from healthcare to education, entertainment to technology. And there is a growing need for a good AR experience on smartphones and other smart devices.

For a more advanced user experience, brands are aggressively integrating augmented reality capabilities into their business modules. Companies typically use augmented reality tools to create product demos and collaborative advertising. Customers of AR technology can access real-time information.

What is an open source augmented reality SDKs?

Because open source projects may be easily customized, developers have the freedom to play around with the code however they see fit. You are aware of every piece of information that the vendor will get about the users from both websites and devices when an open source SDK is integrated.

It enables the developers to examine the code and assess whether it complies with security requirements. The physical environment can be enhanced with augmented reality in a completely new and original way. To create effective AR games and applications, the developers used the greatest open source software development packages.

Role of Open Source Augmented Reality SDKs?

The primary function of open source augmented reality SDKs is to connect information and digital content to the physical environment. The AR SDK comes with a number of distinctive features. This will make it easier for developers of augmented reality to

  • Render
  • Track
  • Recognize the usage of the application

For programmers to create augmented reality apps, it offers some libraries and tools as well.

Top 6 Augmented Reality SDK for Mobile Apps

Top 4 Augmented Reality SDKs for Mobile Apps


Early in 2018, Google released ARCore, the best open-source augmented reality SDK (Apache license). It will contribute to the amazing AR experiences being made available for Android devices. Three key capabilities of ARCore include motion tracking, light estimation, and ambient comprehension.


One of the best open-source augmented reality and virtual reality applications for mobile devices is called Holokit. The device includes the software TrackKit and the cardboard HeadKit headset. Through the use of smartphones and mixed reality apps, Holokit provides access to the realm of mixed reality.

A few of Holokit’s primary features are virtual reality integration, superimposed objects, a backdrop of real-world scenery, content creation, 3D objects, and the blending of the real and the virtual.


Try BRIO if you’re looking for the greatest free AR and VR platform; it has the power to motivate users. Ray tracing is supported on this platform. The BRIO library has a variety of materials and textures that users can apply to their models. The BRIO screen can also be easily shared online. The main features of the BRIO platforms are:

  • Drag-and-drop user interface
    • Virtual reality integration
    • 3D objects
    • Content creation
    • Cross-device publishing
    • Content Library
    • Real-world backdrop
    • Superimposed objects
    • Simulation

Adobe Aero:

You can view, create, and share fascinating and engaging AR experiences using Adobe Aero, a free AR, and VR application. The consumer may seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds without the need for intricate coding.

The program offers engaging AR experiences more quickly. Content creation, content libraries, simulation, drag-and-drop, adding interactive features, cross-device publishing, and virtual reality integration are among Adobe Aero’s core AR and VR capabilities.

Many industries are embracing augmented reality, and developers who want to use it effectively will find open source SDKs to be quite helpful.

We can assist you in selecting the augmented reality SDK that is most appropriate for your company now that you have a list of the SDKs available and an understanding of their key characteristics.

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