Role of Augment Reality in building Smart Cities

Role of Augment Reality in building Smart Cities

AR City – A smart city is smart not merely by name but also by nature. A smart city develops its infrastructure and other services using technology. If advanced technology isn’t used in a city’s operations, it can’t be said to be intelligent.

The combination of data, visuals, music, and other sensory upgrades that are delivered in a real-world setting and that are displayed in real-time is known as augmented reality (AR). Technology for augmented reality (AR) unquestionably has a big role in smart cities.

The government, engineers, urban planners, and architects are working together to create smart cities in the future. For them, big data, AI, augmented reality, and the internet of things are some of the well-known technologies that can be employed to create better lifestyles.

AR City: Role of Augment Reality in building Smart Cities

AR City: Role of Augment Reality in building Smart Cities

In a smart city, augmented reality can be used in many different fields. It might be in one of these crucial areas:

Healthcare Sector:

Surgery, medical training, or even education can all benefit from the use of medical AR. The well-being and health of the residents must be prioritized if the standard of living is to be maintained. In today’s environment, people are becoming more conscious of their health and anxious about receiving regular health updates. In addition,

medical students can practice operations in a supervised setting as part of their higher education. Here, AR can assist the practitioners by allowing them to practice in a similar environment so that they are confident while performing actual surgeries/practices.

Improved Navigation: AR Navigation

Urban areas employ navigation-based applications frequently today. The navigational apps assist in locating the quickest route to our location without difficulty. Here, AR can serve the proper purpose. With the help of our smartphone app, AR can see where we are trapped in real-time. All that is required is for the user to move their phone in a different direction, and then augmented reality will show them the route. Because it uses a real-time environment to point you on the proper path, augmented reality-based navigation seems promising.

Increasing Tourism: AR Tourism

AR can also be used to increase tourism. In order to increase local tourism and acquire data about that location, AR can assist in the building of a new cultural site that is gradually deconstructed. AR-based guiding systems are now being deployed in several museums around the world to assist visitors by giving them pertinent information about the location, the proper orientations, and the distance to that location. The emergence of mobile applications and cutting-edge technologies has made it much easier to give users useful information and improve their experience.

Making Education Better:

AR has a lot of potential benefits for kids. In the books, 3D images may be printed. This could alter the direction of study and inspire more students to take these elements into account when they grow interested in a certain area. For instance, while learning about electromagnetic radiation, kids can observe them.

The students may become curious as a result. Additionally, every student today utilizes a smartphone. A student can use their smartphone to scan photographs from their textbooks and view them from various perspectives.

The development of smart cities has made it possible to integrate augmented reality into them so that their residents can access advanced and intelligent services.

Augmented Reality (AR) is not the latest technology but is also not fully explored in a way it can be used to ease user’s experience.

The development of smart cities has enabled the use of AR in it so that its citizens can use developed and smart services.

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