App Development vs Web Development: Which is better?


App Development vs Web Development: Creating a digital presence is essential for all businesses as today, buyers spend more time searching for their products and services online than searching for them offline. Even if the buyer makes a purchase offline, they ensure they have gathered all the relevant information from the seller’s website or application. Thus, having a website, an application, or both will help the business grow.

However, deciding whether a business should develop a web or app primarily depends on its nature and the target audience. Let’s understand the difference between app development and web development closely, and then you can decide what you want to opt for your business.

App Development vs Web Development


Application is an interactive platform that users can access after downloading it on their smartphone or tablet device using the app store or play store. Applications are developed for either IOS or Android users as these two hold the most market share. These apps can have access to system resources like GPS and the camera if the user agrees to them.

Some of the applications are Telegram, Instagram, Google Maps, Whatsapp, etc. It can be clearly noted that in today’s era, mobile applications have an influence on the majority of the market. The push notifications feature is considered one of the most robust features in apps. According to Accengage, around 91% of Android users and 44% of iOS users enable notifications for mobile apps.


A Website allows your customers to find you anytime, anywhere, even outside your business hours. The website acts as an interactive agent while you or your employees are away and helps your business find and secure new customers. Websites allow users convenience and peaceful analysis as they can get all the information they need from the comfort of their home without any pressure of purchasing the goods or services. Moreover, as the site is accessible to everyone across the globe, it allows users to find your company, thus increasing your chances of business growth.

Benefits of having an application?

Personalized Content:

A tailored communication in the language that the user speaks and understands builds trust. This trust is critical in making their experience delightful so that they become our regular customers. This user-centric personalization can be based on users’ interests, behaviors, location, culture, etc.

One-tap accessibility:

With mobile applications, users get instant access to all the content quickly, thus offering a seamless experience and allowing them to access content from anywhere across the globe.

Boosts Engagement:

Mobile apps have interfaces that allow users to experience a two-way immersive experience. For example, the application allows the user to share an image with their friends/family before and after purchasing an item with just a click. That would help boost business sales.

App Development vs Web Development

Benefits of Web Development?

Stay ahead of your competition:

Not having a website leads to missing many open opportunities. Without a website, you can not have a new target audience or a medium to communicate with them online.

Your Website is your Brand Ambassador:

Websites are the best platform to attract potential target audiences. Websites convey your business side’s story that includes information about the company, achievements, etc.

Customers Insight:

Useful customer data can be extracted from websites using analytic tools that allow you to identify your target customer, how they landed on your website, how much time did they spend on the website, etc.

Therefore, depending on the business needs, a business owner can decide which development they want to do. If you need professional guidance, please get in touch with our experts who have been providing customized business solutions to clients for many years. For more information, please visit: www.a2consultingllc.com

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