Ready-to-go SharePoint Intranets: Learn Why More Businesses are Using Them And So Should Yours? 

Ready-to-go SharePoint Intranets: Learn Why More Businesses are Using Them And So Should Yours? 

Ready-to-Go SharePoint Intranet- Technology has dramatically changed in the last few decades and so has the style of working.

Hence, a business owner must adopt new and latest technologies if he wants to stay in the competition and provide innovative unique products to his customers.

It is very much possible that a business owner can get overwhelmed while managing business calls, decision-making, and finding distinct ways to promote his business product or service to the world.

What if you come to know that all these actions can be done with the use of a single application with Microsoft’s SharePoint?

Read this article to know how ready-to-go SharePoint intranet is an effective tool that can be leveraged for maximum advantage in your business.

What is a Ready-to-Go SharePoint Intranet and How Does it Work?

Sharepoint intranet is a ready solution that can be installed in your workplace. When a business owner instals this out-of-the-box intranet solution at his organisation, it facilitates employee productivity and even collaboration tools.

According to available information, this holistic digital workplace solution meets nearly 80-90 percent of business needs for a business owner. The cloud-based intranet can be implemented in the workplace within a few days and is available on a budget-friendly monthly subscription. The tool comes with cost-free upgrades 

Here are 5 reasons why a ready-to-go intranet is an optimum choice for your business – 

  1. It offers an Office 365 Ecosystem 
  2. It is capable of content targeting and customisation 
  3. It provides excellent document management 
  4. It comes with special collaboration and social features that can augment your business 
  5. It is highly scalable and flexible 

Ready-to-go SharePoint has been the ultimate solution and preferred choice of the platform by most businessmen when it comes to installing a corporate intranet at the organisation.

It provides a complete set of templates and functionalities to enhance the SharePoint experience of the user. This tool is a readymade solution that is focused on improving digitisation at the workplace without any particular big budget and developer team.

The intranet-in-a-box solutions when coupled with SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 can assist your organization to boost employee collaboration, employee engagement, adoption, business productivity, and even overall business efficiency  

Four Reasons Why More Businesses Are Using Ready-to-Go SharePoint Intranets

Irrespective of the industry and domain in which your business is, every business owner would want to have advanced collaboration features for streamlining his business processes.

For this to happen, any entrepreneur would want optimizer workflows and improved communication across teams for the effective functioning of his business. Hence, whether you are a novice businessman or a big industrialist, every businessman knows the importance of necessary factors that are crucial in business development. 

Hence, every business would have SharePoint Intranet needs that would be specific to them. Vital factors like the size and nature of the workforce, and budgets play an instrumental role in determining the installation of an intranet at the workplace.

Moreover, the availability of multiple intranet software in the market, today has left business owners confused in realising which is the best for them.

According to industry experts, SharePoint intranet is still regarded as the best and most advanced digital intranet solution for your business because of its intelligent features. It is known to offer an unparalleled user experience that will assist in business advancement. 

The top four reasons why more businesses are opting for ready-to-go SharePoint Intranets for their organization are – 

  1. Automation Functionality: SharePoint Intranet offers impeccable business information and astute record management. The software can be customized at the workplace according to workflow permissions. It provides an automated system that helps in document management – modification or deletion after a specific interval. This feature in the intranet ensures an effortless, time-intensive, and efficient record management system for the business owner at his workplace. As all the files at your firm would have a specific expiry date, you would be given an option of discarding or relocating them to another place in the company database at the time of deletion which prevents the loss of useful and company vital information 

  1. Social Features: SharePoint intranet can be of big use when it comes to brands who are taking tedious efforts to establish their brands on social media because of its fun, engaging and interactive way. It provides features like profile creation, details of work, stating interests, and even communication outside company premises for your employees that enables workflow promotion of your office in a big way. This could be a crucial and big factor during recruitment at your company  

  1. Integration with MS Office 365: As SharePoint Intranet has been developed by Microsoft, it comes with amazing integration and connectivity with MS Office 365 suite and its various tools. According to available statistics, 87.3% of enterprises have at least 100 employees who rely on MS Office for their office tasks. As a result, it makes SharePoint Intranet an ultimate and obvious choice for most companies. 

  1. Customization, Scalability, and Flexibility: SharePoint intranet provides highly scalable, customisable, and flexible features to the business owner irrespective of the size of his company. This intranet application comes with multiple bespoke features like – 

  1. Solid internal networking
  2. Real -time-sharing 
  3. Optimised search and Findability 
  4. Effective Collaboration and Communication among employees 
  5. Easy tailoring and restructuring options available with the application

How to Implement a Ready-to-Go SharePoint Intranet for Maximum Efficiency

When it comes to the implementation process of the SharePoint intranet at your workplace irrespective of the size of the company, you should do a complete analysis of your business needs and goals for the intranet.

Here is a step-by-step procedure while customizing your intranet solution at the firm – 

  1. Do a thorough analysis of the need for the SharePoint Intranet Solution for your business 
  2. Set up a SharePoint Intranet environment through Microsoft’s cloud-based service/ SharePoint Online or by installing a SharePoint server within your office premises 
  3. Create a hierarchy of SharePoint sites and pages for your employees. 
  4. Develop a navigation structure that provides insights for employees to search for answers when they need 
  5. The next step is configuring security and access settings on your company’s SharePoint Intranet to ensure only limited authorised users or specific employees have access to your company’s secure and confidential data 
  6. Train your employees on how to use SharePoint Intranet with continuous ongoing support 

Setting up a SharePoint Intranet from scratch could be a confusing and time-consuming process for any business owner. A dedicated IT staff service from a reputed company like A2 Consulting LLC is the best way to implement SharePoint Intranet at your firm. 

The best practices for SharePoint Intranet design for maximum impact are –

  1.  Keep your design simple
  2. Ensure to have a consistent design for all pages 
  3. Opt for a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes 
  4. Go for clear and consistent labeling and navigation 
  5. Make use of images, videos, and other multimedia for maximum engagement 
  6. Encourage customer feedback to know about their suggestions ‘
  7. Do intranet testing with a small group of users before making it available to the entire organisation 

The Five Most Popular Ready-to-Go SharePoint Intranets For 2023

The modern SharePoint Intranets that were offered by different digital organisations bring together various professional activities and tools under the same digital room. It assists in ensuring information consistency and facilitates uniform knowledge distribution across your company.

The popular ready-to-go intranet options available in 2023 are – 

  1. Powell 365

This intranet was developed by Powell Software. It is a framework-based SharePoint solution. It provides basic building blocks for the intranet. The intranet has good multilingual capabilities and multi-device experience with a responsive and intuitive mobile design 

  1. Mesh 

Mesh intranet is Acuvate Software’s World’s best Employee Experience Platform that brings the best Microsoft Azure technologies into the SharePoint intranet ecosystem.  It offers a host of AI features such as Azure cognitive enterprise search, content personalisers that are powered by LUIS and Azure ML, flexible integrations with back-end systems, multilingual systems, and chatbots, knowledge mining 

  1. Unily 

This is one more famous SharePoint intranet service with a cloud-first focus. This solution is known to offer powerful UX, mobile support, and flexible integrations that work with popular business applications. It comes with features like multilingual communications, collaboration sites, real-time notifications, email broadcasts, forms, and workflows 

  1. OneSource 

This SharePoint intranet solution has been developed by Micro-Focus, It is a Content Management System (CMS) that is delivered as a service. It permits users to create a content-rich intranet in a short time. The application comes with components like polls, tabs, news feeds, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, full corporate brand compliance, etc. 

  1. Involv 

This SharePoint intranet was developed by Involv. The specialty of this application is it comes with built-in templates that permit the users to create and share content with maximum ease. The application comes with a 4-tiered pricing structure and its cost usually depends on the number of employees at your company 


The ready-to-go SharePoint Intranet digital solutions have become an advanced tool to ensure effective collaboration for the company team and ensure seamless services to the end customers.  

A2 Consulting LLC is a full-service consulting firm that offers SharePoint Consulting in Ohio. We deliver a free SharePoint consulting session to increase your business efficiency.

Talk to our SharePoint Consultant experts in budget-friendly costs and see your business grow in a limited time! 

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