Magento vs Shopify, which one to choose from?

magento vs shopify

Magento vs Shopify– It is crucial to choose the best e-commerce platform for setting up, running, and maintaining an online store because this decision might determine the success or failure of your company. Due to their constrained finances and resources, small enterprises must pay particular attention to this.

The two most well-known eCommerce platforms are Shopify and Magento. When it comes to larger, more complicated eCommerce sites, Magento is the leading competitor to Shopify in the “hosted, all-in-one” platform market. Although they are extremely different systems, let’s find out how.

Magento vs Shopify, Fundamental variations

  • Shopify is a for-profit product that you must purchase, but Magento Open Source is open-source software that is available for free.
  • While Magento needs you to provide your own hosting, installation, set up, and configuration everything before you can really start developing your store, this demands medium to high-level web development and programming expertise, Shopify is a hosted solution (where they host your store for you).
  • With a straightforward user interface, Shopify is more suited for novices than Magento, which is more feature-rich but better suited for experienced developers.

Comparing Features of Magento vs Shopify

  • Basic features of online stores: Both Shopify and Magento provide fundamental shop features that are easy to use and continuously maintain. Compared to Magento, Shopify is much simpler to set up and use. Both Magento and Shopify come with the same fundamental functionalities, such as shopping carts, checkout modules, collections, and product pages. The primary distinction is that Magento has far more sophisticated and intermediate functions included within the platform. With Shopify, more functionality is frequently only available through an app.
  • Inventory control: Your shop can have an infinite number of goods under any of the Shopify options. You may build and sell an endless number of goods with Magento. Both systems make it simple to build goods and collections, but Shopify wins this round due to its direct interaction with dropshipping inventory solutions like Oberlo.

It should be mentioned that while Shopify is a fully managed and hosted solution, Magento provides a nearly endless amount of items. However, if you add too many products to your Magento shop, your host (server) performance and site loading speed may become severe concerns.

  • Calculation of shipping fees: One of the most fundamental and important components of selling physical items through an e-commerce shop, both platforms provide versatile and powerful solutions for the calculation of shipping fees. If you want to be as accurate as possible for your consumers, Shopify also interfaces with several dropshipping solutions (including delivery estimates) and more precise shipping calculators.
  • Coupons and Discount Codes: Shopify, a bit of an underdog in this situation, does not provide this functionality on its Lite plan, but it is accessible on all other tiers. Magento includes built-in functionality for discount code generation and computation.
  • Payment Gateway: With support for over 70 payment gateways, Shopify has a significant advantage over Magento in this area. Magento is comparatively at a disadvantage due to its support for a much smaller number of payment gateways. However, more gateways may be added to a Magento store via add-ons from other parties. The user must pay costs for third-party gateways even if Shopify’s gateway has no transaction fees.
  • Themes and Templates – Shopify and Magento both have a significant selection of themes and templates that may be customized to match your items and preferences. The free Shopify themes are often more modern than the themes given by Magento Open Source, despite the fact that the quantity of free Shopify themes is substantially less than that of Magento Open Source.

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