What is Magento Ecommerce and why is it preferred by companies?

What is Magento and why is it preferred by companies

Magento Ecommerce: PHP is already included in Magento, which makes it easier for programmers to construct eCommerce websites. It was created using the Zend Framework and released on March 31, 2008, by Varien.

What is Magento?

Thousands of companies, like Nike, Samsung, and others, are now embracing this open-source platform to launch their online stores. Additionally, in order to complete their commerce loop, Adobe paid $1.68 billion to acquire Magento in 2018, and this acquisition aided Magento’s growth in the enterprise sector.

Why do businesses prefer to use magento ecommerce?

Magento is a lifesaver for companies and individuals who wish to create a long-lasting, professional eCommerce site. The greatest open-source for creating an online store is believed to be Magento, a free and extremely professional platform.

The following are some of Magento Ecommerce core features:

  • Product management: Product management options include adding various photos, customer feedback, user favorites lists, and the percentage of inventory that has been purchased.
  • Category Management: Magento streamlines the process of finding and choosing products by category.
  • Inventory Management: Management of inventory is appropriate since Magneto gives users access to data about the stock that is still available, as well as stock that has to be imported or exported.
  • Account management for clients: Access information on account status, past transactions, preferred catalog, address, shopping carts, and more.
  • Customer service: One can use features like the customer contact form, thorough follow-up, and email service using the customer service function.
  • Payments: The Magento platform supports a variety of external payment modules, including CyberSource, ePay, eWAY, and others, as well as different payment methods like a credit card, PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, and more.
  • Technology Support: Technology for searching is highly quick, user-friendly, and even supports Google SiteMap searches.
  • International Support: Support for overseas clients is also available, including multilingual and financial assistance.
  • Analyze and report: Magneto offers a variety of reports and works effectively with the Google Analytics service.
Magento Ecommerce

Why do developers favor Magento over alternative platforms more often?

The following explanations are given:

It is a platform that allows customization and is open source:

Magento allows you to personalize in addition to providing versatile, scalable eCommerce solutions. Additionally, it allows you to expand your platform to develop distinctive and differentiating branded experiences. This platform can be adjusted to match the needs of shop owners and is capable of adapting well to change.

It allows programmers the opportunity to select their hosting providers.

With Magento, online retailers no longer have to be restricted to a single hosting provider and can freely choose the hosted platform of their choice. All online retailers now have a lot of freedom to choose which Magento hosting firms to work with and to have their files.

Responsive experience on mobile

The Magento mobile app will create a satisfying brand experience for customers that connect anytime, anywhere utilizing their smartphones and mobile devices. Additionally, Magento is effective at upholding the requirements for mobile web design. The HTML5 platform is used by both Magento’s commercial version and its free community edition to enhance mobile shopping. Your eCommerce store will therefore always be optimized.

Up the speed of the website

Magento is renowned for its capability to create a web page that loads quickly.

The loss caused by a page that loads slowly can frequently be recognized right away, which can occasionally have unforeseen implications. Due to its customizability and the faith it inspires, Magento astounds its users with the performance of the platform itself. Your website will run faster yet if you use a PWA storefront, which will please your visitors.

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