Top 10 Best Use Cases for SharePoint in the USA

Top 10 Best Use Cases for SharePoint in the USA

Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your business by opening branches in other states? At the first level, you deserve a pat on the back for having the vision to expand your idea and give it more wings. As you march forward to set up branches of your firm in other states in the US and probably, even transform it into a multinational conglomerate company over a few years down the line, it is essential to plan for a document management platform and seamless collaboration among different employees. Read this blog to know how you can use the Microsoft SharePoint tool to have an optimized business process for all the branches of your organization. 

10 Reasons For Why You Should Choose SharePoint?

Every business owner would like to have an organized file management platform to store all important office files in one place. It reduces the need for different drives or locations that causes extra confusion and clunky work process. As per industry experts, Microsoft SharePoint is an easily accessible one-stop solution that an entrepreneur needs for his business to collate. It is possible to create internal websites using this tool. Furthermore, you can store, organise, share, and even permit the employees to have access to important data from any location and device using the cloud. SharePoint functions as a shared file repository and web content management system for industrialists, and aids in various company tasks.

Here are 10 reasons why you should select SharePoint for your firm – 

  1. Ensures centralized administration in your organization 
  2. The tool is customizable as per your industry 
  3. It provides document management and collaboration
  4. Sharepoint offers integration with your existing business apps 
  5. It offers a multipurpose functionality for all your business teams in real-time 
  6. The tool is excellent for content delivery and management 
  7. Professionals working in your firm need not be from tech-savvy background 
  8. It is safe and secure to use 
  9. It provides site consolidation of your firm’s internet and intranet sites 
  10. Provides increased work productivity for employees 

How Will SharePoint Assist in Your Business Growth?

This Microsoft web-based collaborative platform can be accessed from anywhere and provides you with multiple benefits for business growth. Following are the ways in which this tool can aid in thriving your business and even prospering in today’s competitive era –

  1. It assists employees in making informed decisions 
  2. The tool encourages collaboration among your company’s employees 
  3. It promotes employee mobility and remote access 
  4. The tool makes it easier to discover the required content in the firm’s document portal
  5. It provides an easier way to access and collect critical business information 
  6. The tool provides a consistent and streamlined user experience for your employees 
  7. It assists your employees to fulfill their regulatory requirement s
  8. SharePoint gives your staff their own customized digital working environment 
  9. The tool ensures effective data management by following recordkeeping and security protocols 
  10. The tool allows external users to input data securely 
  11. It allows your employees to set up security boundaries for the organization’s content to prevent data leakage

10 Best Use Cases for SharePoint In the US

According to experienced industry stalwarts, SharePoint is considered to be an effective collaboration and document management platform that has been designed to help the entrepreneurs in efficiently managing and sharing company information. The 10 best use cases for Microsoft SharePoint in the US are as follows – 

Document Management System 

It allows your employees to protect the office’s sensitive documents and makes sure that only authorized employees have access to them. This makes it possible to easily store, search, and even share office content at all levels. You can even set up document IDs to make each file unique and retrievable by any employee to improve efficiency  

Content Management System

SharePoint permits your employees to boost collaboration and streamline content management as it makes it easier for them to work on documents, web content, and media assets in real-time with the most up-to-date information. The tool seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and OneDrive which enables information sharing across different platforms. Your firm’s administrator department can have complete control over the data to ensure the sensitive information is shared only with the right people at the right time

Project Management Tool 

It is possible to create dedicated project sites for your firm using Sharepoint to collectively bring together tasks, employee discussions, and relevant documents in one place. The tool permits team members to assign tasks along with deadlines to keep everyone on track and ensures projects are completed within schedule. It also offers good flexibility and visibility about the work progress with increased collaboration to deliver effective results 

Intranet Service Among Employees 

This collaboration platform is perfect for your organization’s intranet as it offers a private network for your employees. It permits them to share important company information, collaborate and communicate for work projects among different teams. The tool ensures your team is well-informed about the work progress and ensures they stay connected. It ensures you to add necessary functionalities like document libraries, news feeds, and event calendars, sharing resources and information with ease among your team. 

Customized ERP on SharePoint 

It can be used as a customized Enterprise Resource Planning system to manage your firm’s daily business activities like project management, compliance, operations, procurement, and operations. It gives the business owner a chance to integrate the tool with other third-party applications to streamline the business processes by using robust security and permission controls and can help you reach new levels of success 

Knowledge Management Platform 

The tool makes it easier for an entrepreneur to provide access to and share important information among employees. It helps your employees to search for the data they need quickly and easily by using certain keywords. The tool provides your employees with convenient access to information along with permissions management, version control, and up-to-date resources. It helps your firm to streamline the work processes for effective results 

Streamlines Your Firm’s Purchase Request Process 

The tool helps your firm to streamline and manage the firm’s purchase request process. A business owner can design customizable purchase request forms and even store them at a location that can be accessed by multiple users. It ensures your team’s work is on the same level thereby improving efficiency and collaboration.  Furthermore, you can customize the purchase request forms and make informed purchasing decisions. 

Organized team sites and department sites 

SharePoint tool provides 2 types of sites – team site and department site for your organization. Department site can be specifically designed for management within your organization to meet different department-specific needs. It enables your team to share and manage internal information effectively. On the other hand, team sites are focused on collaboration for a particular specific team. It allows the team members to share documents, resources, or other vital information at a single location and helps them stay organized and connected. 

Provides sharing of Internal newsletter

The tool’s internal newsletter is a perfect solution to keep your office staff well-informed and updated about relevant news, important company information, and the latest updates with your organization’s team. It is possible to customize your company’s newsletter using this tool 

Manages your organization’s forms and workflows 

Sharepoint aids to streamline your office workflows and increases productivity with the use of powerful third-party tools such as Microsoft InfoPath and Power Apps. The built-in workflows in this tool assist your employees to manage common business processes easily. Furthermore, you can create customized workflows to improve team collaboration and track data seamlessly

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