Everything You Need to Know about the Web Augmented Reality

Web Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is well known for its growth potential in terms of sales and customer retention. AR technology is growing exponentially as it offers an immersive user experience. Future businesses are looking at this as a great tech investment for upgrading their business. The AR technology becomes handier when it is available easily and works on every device. This is where the WebAR comes into the picture. Let’s decode the true potential of Web Augmented Reality [WebAR] further.

What is WebAR?

WebAR is a web-based Augmented Reality solution accessible through your mobile phones, laptops, and other digital devices. WebAR allows users to experience Augmented Reality while navigating to the webpage URL. Now users can get Augmented Reality experiences without any app downloads.

Advantages of WebAR

Low Maintenance AR Solutions

Unlike other AR Applications, WebAR is the most cost-effective AR solution as it surpasses the trouble of creating native AR applications. WebAR doesn’t compromise on the quality of the AR experience. AR applications come with the development of 3D animation, AR portals, and many more. This can bring development costs up but these won’t compare with complex app development.

WebAR Analytics benefit

The WebAR application is a web-based augmented reality solution hence it can be easily integrated with Google Analytics and other tracking platforms. The Google Analytics Report can give you helpful insights into the source, age, gender, and location. This data can further be used to strategize marketing efforts.

Shareability in WebAR

Unlike any other webpage, Web AR is also easily shareable through the internet. You can share the WebAR link over social media, email, messengers, or any other important channels. This makes WebAR easily accessible to every user and increases the user reach.

Integrated Tech Solution

WebAR can be conveniently used on web browsers thus it can be integrated with web-based technologies. One can use AJAX, Social Media API for sharing, and login credentials. With the AJAX coming into the picture, WebAR applications can easily send and retrieve information from a server asynchronously without interfering with the display and behavior of the currently active page.

Applications of WebAR

WebAR in Retail

The WebAR experience to the customer can drastically improve the online product engagement. WebAR in Retail is a convenient way to offer vivid experiences to users and help them learn more about product features. WebAR holds great potential to increase sales at an affordable development cost with amazing features. 

Digital Media WebAR

Digital Media in WebAR focuses on creating interactive and engaging content for the users. The users can get access to WebAR digital media through a link in the web browser of mobile devices. Users can enjoy the excellent WebAR experience in their comfort zone anywhere, anytime. 

WebAR in Gaming

The gaming industry is witnessing a huge shift with the development of AR and VR gaming modules. WebAR developers create games that could be run in web browsers that offer unique interface, advanced features, and are easily shareable. WebAR gaming can be developed integrated tech solutions that save time and have low maintenance.  

WebAR in Corporate Virtual Events

In the era of the global pandemic, businesses can’t stay back for a longer time. To keep the business running, the conference and the business meeting must go on in a virtual but realistic manner. WebAR based applications can help you conduct business operations smoothly. Hosting events with WebAR can be an engaging way to interact with your employees and business associates.


  • WebAR is a Web-Based AR Application, easily accessible through browsers from any browser compatible digital devices.
  • Google Analytics Integration helps you understand your audience. This helps in Strategizing marketing plans. 
  • WebAR is Cost-Effective when compared to other AR application development processes. 
  • Web AR Can be shared easily through social media and different channels.
  • Web AR has a wide range of applications in different industries that can help you boost your business. 


WebAR is picking up the pace with the development and expansion of 5G technologies over the world. WebAR can get your business an edge over your competitor due to its immersive user experience. It is the right time to upgrade your business with web-based AR and take the first-mover advantage.

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